What is the Virtual 3D Web?

By November 4, 2018

Creative 3D Web Plc. (C3DW) has created the Virtual 3D Web, which is a next generation adaption of a World Wide Web. It is made up of a network of interconnected 3D platforms and environments navigated through the use of Avatars. The Virtual 3D Web Browser is the platform upon which the Virtual 3D Web is built and provides the interface through which the Virtual 3D Web is accessed and experienced. This new browser will allow users to initiate and create experiences through their Avatar who explores the 3D Virtual Universe, interacting with other Avatars and engaging in web spaces, including in the near future, spaces built by other participants.  These web spaces are the equivalent of today’s websites. With developer tools and training, entirely new websites will be launched as 3D web spaces within the new environment to be used by businesses, service providers, and information resources.  Developers play a key role in this virtual universe by using C3DW’s tools, technology and experience to build these web spaces and create the universe in which the Avatars explore, shop, engage in games, socialize, learn and much more.


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