The Virtual 3D Web Will Transform

the Way People Browse the Web

Current Web Browser Technology

Next Generation 3D Web Browser Technology


Our Solution

The evolution of web browsing technology has fallen flat. It does not adequately support the cutting edge developments in 3D immersive content creation and integration.

Current web browser technology also does not effectively address the problem of securing user personal data against theft and misuse. Many online applications lack transparency and users often face concerns over who actually owns their data, how that data is used and with whom it is being shared.

What makes our platform unique is that this next-generation Virtual 3D Web browser will combine advanced avatar-based 3D game engine technology with a highly customized blockchain architecture and an advanced fingerprint authentication system. This allows for an innovative, transparent and secure user experience that does not require any special 3D or virtual reality equipment.

Furthermore, platform users can seamlessly and securely manage access to their private information, including their crypto wallets, in-world transactions and digital assets.

Say goodbye to passwords. We are bringing you a better way to secure your identity on the web!

Our pioneering biometrics-based authentication system provides a new and secure way for achieving private data protection, effortlessly with just the single swipe of a finger. Your identity on the Virtual 3D Web will not rely on passwords, which can be stolen or forgotten, but rather will rely on your own unique biological identifier: your fingerprint. This type of system provides both an ease-of-use and the maximum encryption strength for securing your personal data.

Virtual 3D Web Platform

We believe that Internet users deserve a better way to navigate the online world so we are excited to introduce the Virtual 3D Web browser platform which will completely change the way users experience online content and interact with the web.

At Creative 3D Web Plc, we have a vision to create a decentralized, autonomous and secure Virtual 3D World where websites are converted into web spaces full of rich, 3D enabled graphic content that provides users with a visceral thrill and carries them on a journey through countless 3D worlds and virtual environments across the web.

The platform will be built exclusively with 3D content and users, via lifelike and highly personalized avatars, will be able to walk through a network of virtual environments, communicate, interact and collaborate with others in a realistic and natural way and experience content from a panoramic perspective, rather than simply clicking and scrolling through dimensionless websites. This makes way for a fully immersive and interactive web browsing experience for the user with endless possibilities and applications in the areas of entertainment and social networking, travel, healthcare, education and training and e-commerce.

Avatz token

Fuel for the 3D Web ecosystem

The Avatz is our platform specific utility token and is the fuel that drives the Virtual 3D Web ecosystem.  It will be used throughout the many environments of the Virtual 3D Web universe as the primary transaction vehicle for the purchases of goods and services from vendors as well as trading and exchange between users. It will also be the means through which Creative 3D Web receives payment for revenue generating activities such as a business renting space for a virtual store or location on the platform or buying in-world advertising space. The wide range of uses for Avatz will promote a growing economy with consistent circulation and demand for the token.

Start of pre-ICO

27th August

Token Symbol


Soft cap


Total Supply

500M Avatz

Minimum Crowdsale Contribution


Start of ICO

October 2018

Token Standard


Hard cap


Crowdsale Distribution

250M Avatz

ICO Token Price


Our pre-sale is ongoin

Current discount per token is 30%

Amount raised: 1.2M

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ICO Roadmap

ICO Roadmap


August 10th 2010

Started researching virtual world technologies | First virtual enviorment created for Grosvenor Casino e-gaming division

May 2012

Inceptualization of 3D Vegas began | Over 238 gaming brands affiliated

August 27th 2018

Start of pre-sale

October 2018

Main ICO Launch | Start of public sale

October 15th 2018

Launch of Prototype HABET Immersive Virtual Enviorment | Beta Developer Hub | Virtual World Templates

Q1 2019

Work Commences on building 3D Web

Q2 2019

TrooRoom Social Network is completed and ready

Q3 2019

Launch of Virtual 3D Web | Launch of 3D Vegas virtual city project | $120 Million dollar visitor promotion launches for opening of 3D Vegas

The Creative 3D Web Team

Creative 3D Web Plc was built on the premise that successful organizations are driven by their unique culture and values. This means not only attracting great people but also retaining them and fostering their growth.

We have assembled a varied team of highly skilled, knowledgeable and accomplished individuals that have come together to create, develop and support all aspects of the Virtual 3D Web platform starting from the initial project conception, through to its launch and into the future to ensure a sustainable venture with endless growth potential.

Dion Croom


Dion Croom is acknowledged as a Social Entrepreneur and virtual world pioneer in avatar digital media and its use in translating virtual world branding into real world success within society at large. Bridging the digital divide. Games-based intervention strategies, emergent in-action/on-action models, industry companies, commercial products, and patented communication method and apparatus have evolved from his research.

Targeting societal impact and benefit in respect of future demographics and service industries through applied ICT and optimized motivation of use through inclusive intervention strategies. He originates from Brooklyn, New York and has been instrumental as part of the initial community ICT strategy in the late 1990’s into disadvantage community adoption of ICT and is now the current Mayor of Visit 3D Vegas a virtual city initiative.

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Jean-Pierre Houareau

Chief Financial Officer

From August 2014 until March 2017, Jean-Pierre was CEO and key official of PT Entertainment Antigua (“PTE”) where he oversaw the activity of Winner and TitenBet in the UK market. His role included managing the relationships with regulators in the UK and Antigua, liaising with HMRC and dealing with player complaints. Jean-Pierre had full P&L responsibility.

During the same period, Jean-Pierre ran two companies in Malta – PT Games (a hosting business solely for Playtech customers) and PT Entertainment Malta (a B2C gaming business) boasting brands such as Europaplay, IronBet, IronPoker and Luck, Jean-Pierre acted as CEO and key official in both companies; his role included working with the regulator in Malta.

From June 2006 until August 2014, Jean-Pierre was Chief Financial Officer at PKR, a privately owned online gaming developer and operator of a virtual poker platform where he oversaw all aspects of finance, admin, compliance, payment processing and personnel. As an integral part of the management team and board, Jean-Pierre managed the investor relationships as well as all the advisors (audit, legal, taxation).

During that time, Jean-Pierre was key in securing licenses in Alderney, France, Denmark and Italy, also managing the regulator relationships.

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Daniel Socek, Ph.D.

Chief Technical Officer Blockchain Development

IT professional with a Ph.D. degree in computer science and over 20 years of research and development experience in cryptography, data security and multimedia systems. Daniel has been involved in long term projects for the US Navy, Intel, RealNetworks, and multiple other high-tech companies. Throughout his career he has developed a number of innovative solutions and pioneering technologies in the field of data security. He has written a book and several books on encryption, and published over 25 peer reviewed journal publications and conference proceedings on various topics in cryptography and data security. He also jointly holds over a dozen patents with Intel and RealNetworks.

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Mishja Van Der Linden

Head of Sales & Business Development

Mishja van der Linden is a seasoned entrepreneur. Self-thought with a background in commercial trade, and career in financial services industry. After over 10 years in the financial markets, he truly knows what
drives the conversion and creates life valued customers.

Always welcoming and embracing change as his motivation to excel enabled him to fulfil multiple roles within many previous companies, that include staff
recruitment, training, sales advisory, product placement and development. Mishja is a natural networker, with high sense for business development, and creative thinking enthusiast. He has supported several companies through incubation stages helping them transition over to sustainability through their sales cycle and sales training development that was instrumental to their ultimate successes.

Having met Mr. Croom in early 2014, and after hearing his vision he decided to bring his extensive sales knowledge to the company and he now Heads the European Sales Division for the Creative 3D Web, Plc.

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Terry van Rhyn

Chief Marketing Executive

Successful global brand strategist with proven ability to launch and build international brands, develop integrated campaigns and grow revenues and market share for USA & diverse international clients. Proven business acumen, experienced in new business development, market research/analysis & key account management Collaborative communication style inspires confidence and sustains effective client relationships.

Track record of strategic positioning – linking creative solutions to marketing and sales objectives. A Proven track record in B2B and B2C brand marketing, Entrepreneurial minded marketing vision with strong result orientated sales foundation. Specialties: Strategic brand development and creative direction. Terry’s wealth of knowledge and experience is highly welcomed by the Creative 3D Web team.

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Barry Monks

Chief Operating Officer

Barry is an independent non-executive Director of the Montreux Healthcare Fund which recently sold The Regard Group, one of the largest specialist care Groups in the UK before acquiring Active Assistance.

Barry held several roles in his 20 years at the Central Bank of Ireland before being headhunted by Bank of Montreal where he was Head of Alternatives, Financial Controller, and finally CEO of their alternative investment arm. Barry went on to become CFO of Hanover Investors Management LLP before becoming Managing Director of Apex Fund Services (IOM).

He is a representative of the IOM government, and is a prominent member of the Isle of Man Wealth & Fund Services Association. Barry is a certified accountant, a member of Mensa, and graduated from University College Dublin with a degree in Commerce.

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Oliver Harris

Director / Board Member

Oliver is the founder of Montreux, a Director of the Fund’s Operating Company, and the CEO of the Fund’s Advisor: MCM UK. He previously worked in the investment Advisory division of a large investment Bank before moving to Switzerland to work for a private Wealth Manager.

He sat on the Board of the Regard Group, one of the largest specialist Care providers in the UK, advising on its acquisition, its growth, and its successful disposal. Oliver now sits on the Board of Active Assistance. He has been involved in several entrepreneurial ventures in the UK Healthcare sector. Oliver graduated from the University of Surrey with a degree in Finance and Economics

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Gary Mullan

Director / Board Member

Gary’s is responsible for many of Montreux’s strategic relationships. He has an extenstive background in building and insurance brokering. Gary sits on the Boards of companies within Healthcare, Tech, Construction, and Financial Services.

He sat on the Board of the Regard Group, one of the largest specialist Care providers in the UK, advising on its acquisition, its growth, and its successful disposal. Gary has a large network of contacts from his many years working in commercial property.

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Dame Philippa Russell

HABET Board Member

Dame Philippa is Chair of the Government’s Standing Commission on Carers; a member of the Cross Government Programme Board for the Carers Strategy and of the Ministerial Advisory Group on Mental Health. She is currently working with the Department for Health and other Government Departments on the development of statutory guidance and regulations for the Care Act.

Her awards include the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy international Award for women who have contributed to the field of learning disability. She is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. She has a number of honorary doctorates. She was appointed an OBE, later upgraded to a CBE, and in 2009 she wasappointed a Dame Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. She has been given Lifetime Achievement Awardsor her work in furthering the civil and human rights of disabled people.

Philippa is also a member of the Think Local, Act Personal Partnership (TLAP) National Co-production Advisory Group and the NHS Equality and Diversity Council.

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Professor Barry Carpenter

HABET Board Member / Research & Development

Professor Barry Carpenter has been made a Commander of the British Empire (CBE) for his services to special educational needs.  Barry has been awarded Fellowships of the Royal Societies of Arts and Medicine. In 2016 he was

awarded a CBE by the Queen for his work in the field of Special Educational

Needs. He was given an OBE in 2001 for services to children with Special

Needs. He holds honorary chairs at the Universities of Worcestershire, Limerick,

Hamburg, and Flinders in Australia and is an international expert in caring for people with learning disabilities. During his academic career Prof Carpenter has published more than 100 academic articles and ten books on special needs, and lectures around the world on supporting people with complex needs develop a full and rich life in their community.

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Guillaume Catteau

Game design / UI & UX Designer

I joined the Digital Art section of the Academy of Fine Arts from Tournai in September 2000. There, I learned the bases of various tools and method used in computer animation. Having chosen a 3D specialization, I’ve been practising Modeling, Texturing, Lightning, Rendering and animation of 3D elements.

During the last two years of my studies, I co-directed and presented as final project a short-film titled Yoghana. Billed as a documentary set on an unknown planet, the 3D animated movie depicts the imaginary species through the seas, airs and lands. In June 2005, I obtained my master’s Degree in digital arts.

In March 2006, I’ve been hired as 3D artist by TAATU S.A., a company that specialized in virtual worlds. Its main product, TAATU World, was a web integrated 2.5D environment where users could create, furnish and decorate their own room and participate in in-world media events. During that period, I was specialized in Pixel Art (2D post-treatment re-enforcing pixel’s visibility) and isometric. I’ve been responsible for the design, 3D production, Pixel-Art treatment and Flash integration of the majority of the virtual objects available in the catalogue and several public rooms on which I also worked as Level designer.

In 2011, the company released its very last product: Portal Places. A 2.5D social game for Facebook based on TAATU World’s engine. In parallel to my commitment as an employee for TAATU Studio, I worked on several personal games projects and get progressively involved in Game design, analysis and documentation for Creative 3D Web, Plc.

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Advisory Board

Stefan Dejanovic

Product/Technical Advisor Blockchain Development

IT professional and M.Sc. in computer science with experience in research and development in blockchain, data & system security and software optimization. Stefan has worked on several projects for critical infrastructure systems and decentralized systems. He has 3 publications on topics in cryptography, blockchain and optimization, the most recent was analysis of blockchain technology.

Stefan is also the Co-founder & CEO of OCTA IT, a software engineering company where his main involvement is in product development for Blockchain solutions. Recently he was involved in several ICOs as a lead product and blockchain architect.

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Sandirose Magder

Lead Business Development Executive

Sandi is a business consultant and forensic accountant specializing in operations management and financial advisory services for distressed companies. She has almost 20 years of experience and has provided management services to upwards of 50 businesses across a vast array of industries and has been instrumental in effectuating numerous successful business

She is also working with multiple ICO projects providing guidance with respect to revenue modeling and budgeting, strategic planning and feasibility analysis of the underlying business plans to ensure the long-term viability of the enterprise, after the fundraising is complete.
She holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Queens University (Canada) and Master of Accounting (Concentration in Forensic Accounting) from Florida Atlantic University and she is the owner
of Analytic Consulting Group, located in Miami, Florida.

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Hilary Stewart-Jones

Legal and Compliance Advisor

Hilary Stewart-Jones was a partner in DLA Piper UK LLP’s London office and part of the Intellectual Property and Technology Group. She remained a consultant partner until March 2018 when she joined Harris Hagan also as a consultant partner specializing in gaming law. Hilary has also been working for the Teddy Sagi family office since January 2016. (The latter is an Israeli tech entrepreneur with three listed UK vehicles, including Playtech plc, and a burgeoning property portfolio). She has held a UK solicitor’s practicing certificate for 30 years during which time she has held board seats and more recently was Deputy Chairman at Playtech plc the UK listed online gaming technology company until she stepped down in 2015. She also holds executive roles in various other businesses.

Hilary qualified as a litigator but moved into a wider corporate and commercial role from the mid 1990’s.  Hilary was the head of legal for the gambling division in Ladbrokes Group when the later still owned Hilton Hotels and a wide array of disparate businesses as well as the core betting shop estate casinos and horse and dog tracks. This exposed her to a wide variety of corporate transactions, day to day commercial work and core regulatory and compliance issues within a PLC structure. Because of the poor holistic gambling advisory support, she was able to source when in house and against the back- drop of online supplanting retail, she recognized a business opportunity and came back into private practice in 2000. She built a team to provide specialist premium legal support to cater for all the needs of gambling clients from regulatory issues, general commercial and corporate support (includ- ing fund raising) to structural and tax planning, and to provide this on a multi-jurisdictional basis.

She played a role in most of the online sector floats/acquisitions since 2000 but continued to advise bricks and mortar businesses from tracks to casinos covering all games and gambling products. She has also written legislation and regulations for offshore governments as well as drawing up industry codes of practice. She has also advised banks and PE houses on acquisition, payment service providers, binary and forex trading businesses. The current cross over between e-sports, fantasy, social and skins betting give rise to complex regulatory multi-jurisdictional issues as well as complex tax, and data protection challenges and amply demonstrate that technology developments coupled with the trend for cross border “regulatory creep” requires an ever-expanding knowledge of the gaming, technology and entertainment sectors, enabling her to create a highly industry focused Tier One rated legal practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the price for 1 Avatz?

For main ICO, each Avatz will be sold for $0.15. For Ether, rates may vary. Discounts are available during our pre-ICO.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We will accept payment in Ethereum and Credit Card. For amounts > $500 we also accept Bank Transfer.

Which wallets do you support?

We support all ERC20 wallets incl. myetherwallet, imtoken, Trezor, and Nano Ledger S.

Can I have your contract address, ETH wallet address, etc?

Please go to our ICO website We will publish addresses only there. If you find the addresses anywhere else such as Telegram, it is probably scam.

Can I buy Avatz after the main sale closing?

Yes, you are able to buy Avatz on exchanges after the token gets listed, or in game at any time.

The Team, Company & Product

What is the Virtual 3D Web Browser?

The Virtual 3D Web Browser is the platform upon which the Virtual 3D Web is built and provides the interface through which the Virtual 3D Web is accessed and experienced.

What is the Virtual 3D Web?

The Virtual 3D Web is a next generation adaption of a World Wide Web. It is made up of a network of interconnected 3D platforms and environments navigated through the use of avatars.

What is the team’s background?

Creative 3D Web, Plc (C3DW), was founded and incorporated in 2016 in the Isle of Man. Its business focus at that time was as an e-learning and courseware development company in the life-sciences vertical market. In 2018, after recognizing certain important industry demands, the company shifted its development strategy and began developing a software platform to deliver content-rich collaboration activities within a socially-engaging and highly immersive online avatar based virtual environments. The current project, and the subject of this paper, will build upon the significant know-how of the principals and team members, which is underpinned by over 10 years of research and development of 3D virtual environments and their applications. This will provide the company with a broad range of new products and services that will use immersive virtual world technology for communication, entertainment and engagement.

General Questions

How can I know that this ICO is legit?

There are several ways of how you can determine whether an ICO is legit. Firstly, make sure you communicate through the official Telegram and email channels. Most ICOs have established Telegram groups, which are available for any question you might have about a token sale. Another way you can make sure you that everything is legit, is by paying attention to the website you are on. Make sure you pay attention to the https – the only official site of our ICO project is

What do you mean by “gamification” of the Virtual3Dweb platform?

Gamification is not a new concept. It is about amplifying the effect of an existing, core experience by applying the motivational techniques that were originally deployed in the games industry. When you gamify high-value interactions with customers, employees, and partners, you can drive more sales, create stronger collaboration, and generate better ROI, deeper loyalty and sustained customer satisfaction.

Who do I contact if I have any problems with the main sale?

Please contact us on Telegram via our channel for English support or through our contact on the website.

Do I have to download the platform?

Yes, it’s free to users and does need to be downloaded and installed on the PC.