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The Virtual 3D Web Will Transform

The Way People Browse The Web

Current Web Browser Technology

Next Generation 3D Web Browser Technology


Modern day internet browsers have a simple problem: they limit the user’s experience.

In a world where we are focused on the buyer’s journey, increasing customer engagement and catering to the needs of the individual, today’s browsers are limited by the lack of depth and the general nature of the users web experience that use them.

In addition current web browser technology does not thoroughly address the issue of securing personal data, theft and misuse of user data.

Our Solution

What makes our platform unique is that this next-generation Virtual 3D Web browser will combine advanced avatar-based 3D game engine technology with a highly customized blockchain architecture and an advanced fingerprint authentication system. This allows for an innovative, transparent and secure user experience that does not require any special 3D or virtual reality equipment.

Furthermore, platform users can seamlessly and securely access their private information including their crypto wallets, in-world transactions and digital assets.

Say goodbye to passwords. We are bringing you a better way to secure your identity on the web!

Our pioneering biometrics-based authentication system provides a new and secure way for achieving private data protection, effortlessly with just the single swipe of a finger. Your identity on the Virtual 3D Web will not rely on passwords which can be stolen or forgotten but rather will rely on your own unique biological identifier: your fingerprint. This type of system provides both an ease-of-use and the maximum encryption strength for securing your personal data.

Virtual 3D Web Platform

The Virtual 3D Web Browser engine is the platform upon which the Virtual 3D Web it self is built.  It provides the interface through which immersive and interactive Internet browsing is accessed and experienced. Creative 3D Web offers a solution that will be the foundation for the future of 3D Internet browsing and functionality. We envision an interconnected 3D ecosystem where users immerse themselves within web spaces, not just visit websites. We provide the link between the user’s physical and virtual world.

The new 3D oriented web architecture combined with its new blockchain and biometric technology, addresses the problems identified above in the following ways:

  • User Experience Driven – We place the User Experience as the driving force of this technology. Virtual 3D Web Browser users initiate the type of experience they want to create and how they want to interact with other participants in the ecosystem by using 3D technology to interact in more visceral way with other participants.
  • Innovative Information Channel – Our browser technology creates a new disruptive Information Channel that allows users to interact more freely with those who offer information, resources and services. Instead of accessing information on Web 2.0, users via there avatar can now walk through a live interaction with people or organizations who offer resources. This approach not only allows for a more in-depth experience for the user but also allows resources and services to be offered in a more engaging way than previously experienced.
  • Disruptive Distribution Channel – Never before has a user been able to interact with web vendors in a direct interactive way while surfing or shopping on the web. Our 3D Web Browser creates a new disruptive Distribution Channel that allows the user to experience products and services in a life-like way before they buy. In turn vendors who interact through 3D web spaces can offer product alternatives in real-time to extend the customer experience and potentially increase resulting sales.
  • Blockchain Foundation – In a more engaged interactive world, security and privacy needs are heightened to build trust and encourage the user to participate in this new 3D world. In addition biometric authentication to assess this new browser will offer a unique solution to security and transparency and decentralized information.
  • Fingerprint Authentication – The platform will incorporate a state-of-the-art fingerprint-based authentication system administered through a fingerprint scanning device which seamlessly and securely will users manage access to their private information including their crypto wallets, in-world transactions and digital assets.  The digital user is completely in control of their identity, security and access of the digital footprint on the web.

The Virtual 3D Web platform will be based upon highly immersive and engaging 3D content whereby the user is represented via a lifelike and highly personalised avatar. This avatar will be able to walk through a network of virtual environments, communicate, interact and collaborate with others in a realistic and natural way and experience content from a panoramic perspective, rather than simply clicking and scrolling through dimensionless websites. This makes way for a fully immersive and interactive web browsing experience for the user with endless possibilities and applications in the areas of entertainment and social networking, travel, healthcare, education and training and e-commerce.


Users are represented on the Virtual 3D Web by personalized avatars. These avatars can be used to navigate and engage in any world or environment within the Virtual 3D Web. Avatars are designed to be extremely lifelike and realistic in terms of body composition and movement and afford users an extensive level of customization.

Users can choose their avatar’s ethnicity, gender, skin color and physical features as well as select clothes and accessories to portray their own personal style or the style of anyone they aspire to be. The use of avatars provides a sense of presence and identity which in turn provides for a comfortable and more engaging, familiar learning or collaboration experience.

People can feel as though they are in the same space working or interacting together virtually even though their family, friends and colleagues may in fact be on the opposite side of the world. Avatars can even communicate with one another verbally from inside the various worlds and environments with the platform’s proprietary Voice Over IP (“VOIP”) system.

Avatz Token

Fuel for the 3D Web ecosystem

The Avatz is our platform-specific utility token and is the fuel that drives the Virtual 3D Web ecosystem.  It will be used throughout the many environments of the Virtual 3D Web universe as the primary transaction vehicle for the purchase of goods and services from vendors as well as trading and exchange between users. It will also be the means through which Creative 3D Web receives payment for revenue generating activities such as a business renting space for a virtual store or location on the platform or buying in-world advertising space.

Start of pre-ICO

27th August

Start of ICO

November 15th, 2018

Soft cap


Hard cap


Minimum Crowdsale Contribution


Token Symbol


Token Standard


Total Supply

500M Avatz

Crowdsale Distribution

250M Avatz

ICO Token Price


ICO Roadmap

ICO Roadmap


August 10th 2010

Started researching virtual world technologies | First virtual environment was created for Grosvenor Casino e-gaming division

May 2012

Conceptualisation of 3D Vegas began | Over 238 gaming brands affiliated

August 27th 2018

Start of pre-sale

November 15th, 2018 to TBA

Main ICO Launch | Start of public sale

December 2018

Launch of Prototype HABET Immersive Virtual Environment | Beta Developer Hub | Virtual World Templates

Q1 2019

Work Commences on building of the 3D Web | Work commences on updated Habet Platform

Q2 2019

TrooRoom Social Network is completed and ready for market

Q3 2019

The Creative 3D Web Team

Creative 3D Web Plc is built on the premise that successful organisations are driven by their unique culture and values. This means not only attracting great people but also retaining them and fostering their growth.

We have assembled a varied team of highly skilled, knowledgeable and accomplished individuals that have come together to create, develop and support all aspects of building the Virtual 3D Web platform. Starting from the initial project conception through to its launch and into the future to ensure a sustainable venture with endless growth potential.

Dion Croom


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Jean-Pierre Houareau

Chief Financial Officer

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Daniel Socek, Ph.D.

Chief Technical Officer Blockchain Development

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Terry van Rhyn

Chief Marketing Executive

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Advisory Board

Stefan Dejanovic

Product/Technical Advisor Blockchain Development

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Sandirose Magder

Lead Business Development Executive

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